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Too Many Drives

14 April, 2020

Following up on my last server update, I've got a new case and even more drives for some reason.


23 January, 2020

I’ve always had various ways of connecting to my local network externally, from unencrypted VNC connections directly to my PC in the early…


Home Server Updates

25 September, 2019

Continuing to upgrade my server, and planning for the future.

A New Blog Style

20 September, 2019

I've rebuilt my blog's visual style again, this time on Tailwind CSS with some fun new tooling.


Building the Web, Properly

25 September, 2018

We've reached a point in web technology where we're just making everything worse for no real reason.

Too Many Phones

25 September, 2018

I've purchased five new smart phones this year. I should really stop.

And back again.

13 September, 2018

StructHub is back. And this time it's serious.


08 April, 2018

This blog is now yet another Bootstrap 4-based site. It's just too awesome.

New Year, New Server

09 January, 2018

After reaching 98% disk usage, it was definitely time to rebuild my home file server.


My First iPhone

01 December, 2017

I've always had an interest in Apple products. Despite that, I've never owned an iPhone until now.


11 August, 2017

I finally gave in and bought a drone. It's fun!

Splatoon 2

25 March, 2017

Nintendo is running an open beta for Splatoon 2 today on the Nintendo Switch. It's pretty fun!


14 February, 2017

Snap, Inc.'s Spectacles are amazing. They're some of the best-designed reasonably-affordable new tech I've seen in a long time.

The Pizza Blog

12 February, 2017

Between regularly ordering take out pizza, baking frozen pizzas several nights a week, and often going to sit-down pizza restaurants, I eat…


24 January, 2017

Technology is awesome. Sometimes we just design things in a stupid way that unnecessarily limits the use of an otherwise awesome product…


MySQL Backups

18 October, 2016

Flexible backup methods with mysqldump, and crazy-fast multi-threaded backups using mydumper

Expand a live ext4 filesystem

14 September, 2016

So maybe you let your OS installer configure your partitions for you because you’re lazy like me. And maybe you realized it created a 16 GB…

Arch on UEFI

19 July, 2016

UEFI boot is weird, mostly because of backwards compatibility. Here’s a simple guide to setting up UEFI on GPT, assuming you already know…


14 April, 2016

Over the last few years, I’ve worked on an open source project management system called Phproject. It’s on GitHub under a GPL license, and…


13 April, 2016

So I just discovered xinput. It’s neat. Say you want to reduce the sensitivity on your mouse because it’s one of the stupid Mamba 2012s that…

Arch Web Server

04 March, 2016

When a LAMP server just isn’t enough, you may as well go all-out with nginx, HHVM, and MariaDB on Arch Linux. Start by installing and…

LAMP Server Setup

17 February, 2016

Sometimes you have a fancy VPS when you really just want a web server. This guide goes through the process of setting up a basic LAMP server…

Arch Setup

11 February, 2016

I’ve always loved the concept of Arch Linux, with it’s nothing-by-default setup and intentional lack of user-friendly tools, but I’ve run…


Surface Pro 4

28 November, 2015

So I bought a Surface Pro 4 a little while ago. I change between loving it and hating it almost daily. It has pretty impressive hardware…

Social Network Performance

26 September, 2015

I’ve been working on a somewhat unique social network lately, and I wanted to see how it matched up with the big ones. Here’s a simple…

Pidgin with Google Apps

10 September, 2015

I love using Pidgin with our chat server at work. It’s a really nice, clean IM client (apart from the account management, that’s a mess…

MySQL SSL on Ubuntu 12.04

21 August, 2015

Ubuntu 12.04’s included libssl is incompatible with the default mysql version provided. This isn’t how to fix that, but a warning not to try…

Windows 10

09 August, 2015

I really like Windows 10. I'm just not going to use it for a while.

Bridged Networking on Ubuntu 14.04

02 July, 2015

It’s often necessary to set up a bridged network on VM hosts, but the documentation for Ubuntu has gotten a bit dated. After much trial-and…

I Accidentally 3 TB

25 January, 2015

So Saturday night, after Microsoft had released the new Windows 10 Tech Preview, I was going to make a USB installer for it. It didn't go quite as I intended.


Filesystem Adventures

08 December, 2014

I figure I may as well tell this story. I do weird things with my filesystems. I had C:\Program Files\Common Files\ mounted to a separate…

Ubuntu PHP FPM Update

26 June, 2014

The latest PHP-FPM update on Ubuntu 14.04 changes the default UNIX socket permissions for some reason.

Makin' Bacon Pancakes for 10 hours

25 June, 2014

I’ve successfully listened to the entire 10 hour version of the Ryden Ridge remix of Bacon Pancakes. There’s nothing interesting, it’s…

Regular Expression Lookarounds

13 May, 2014

Let’s keep this simple. (?=pattern) positive lookahead (?!pattern) negative lookahead (?<=pattern) positive lookbehind (?

Sublime Text Plugins

06 May, 2014

Here's my collection of Sublime Text packages and configuration files that I couldn't make it through a day without.

Programming described accurately

01 May, 2014

The human brain isn’t particularly good at basic logic and now there’s a whole career in doing nothing but really, really complex logic You…

Fire TV Fun

01 May, 2014

The Amazon Fire TV is an amazing device. The current app selection might be disappointing, but with a little effort you can get just about…

Web Performance Tricks

31 March, 2014

This CSS one-liner will speed up any website instantly! For an even bigger speed boost, add this!

Apparently this is Ghost

02 March, 2014

I’m trying out a Ghost blog again, despite being opposed to using Node.js for a static web site solution… at least nginx is proxying it for…

Cubik Network App Update

01 February, 2014

I’ve released a new version of the Cubik Network Android application, with several minor fixes and a couple new features. Fixed screen…

T-Mobile Adventures

10 January, 2014

Long story short, used phones + T-Mobile is a terrible idea.


Tesla Model S

31 August, 2013

I realized a couple days ago that with my current expenses, I could easily make payments to get a Tesla Model S… with some of the extras as…

Hello world!

10 August, 2013

I’ve moved my blog over to I like this domain. I like it a lot.

Servers... and a new PC

29 May, 2013

I’ve started renting a couple servers, one with AlienLayer (I don’t recommend them, terrible service), and DigitalOcean ($4 more than…

Moved to Utah!

27 April, 2013

This is almost a year late, but I just haven’t really cared to update my blog. Not really sure why I’m doing it now, not like anyone even…

Got my domain back!

27 April, 2013

I got my domain back again. I’ve set it up to just redirect here, so it doesn’t really change anything, but at least now I get…


Got it Back

14 December, 2012

I finally got my blog back online again, after a three-day struggle with a virus that keeps coming back. I feel like GoDaddy had to be at…

Connecting a Domain to a Subdirectory

25 August, 2012

Update: nginx is better. Shared hosting is terrible. Use DigitalOcean. :) If you want to host multiple websites on one hosting server…

CSS Shorthand

24 July, 2012

Learning CSS shorthand can save time and keep your stylesheets cleaner and simpler.  There are several ways to write the same styles, some…

No SMTP with GoDaddy

07 March, 2012

GoDaddy's shared hosting makes third-party SMTP basically not an option.

Xusix Updates

06 March, 2012

Our social network Xusix has been under development for quite a while now, and we’d like to introduce some of the neat things we’ve added in…

A new twist

07 February, 2012

There are n somethings of something somewhere...

Local Fitness and Health

31 January, 2012

These links are dead now. I may or may not have the code for them somewhere, but so far I haven’t found any of it. Billings Montana has a…


Web Comics

27 December, 2011

There are a lot of disappointments with most web comics, since it’s a relatively easy hobby to get into, but every now and then someone…

MySQL Game

30 November, 2011

This is the most awesome, and yet strangest thing I think I have ever found. I tried to search on Google for MySQL on AppSpot, and the…

Using .NET 2.0 in Visual Studio 2010

15 November, 2011

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 introduces some nice new options, but if you want to more easily distribute your software, .NET 2.0 is the most…