14 April 2016

Over the last few years, I’ve worked on an open source project management system called Phproject. It’s on GitHub under a GPL license, and you should use it.

Apparently I did a good enough job of it that someone tried to sell it. A Slovakian team going by the name KreaHive rebranded it as “Workflow”, and posted it to CodeCanyon. Apparently it was removed from the site quite quickly as I never saw it active, but I found it quite funny. After a bit more research, they have a public revision history that perfectly matches my latest updates on RevCTRL, and even made it to a business software review site, Capterra.

Workflow on Code Canyon

Then it got even better. I found a supposedly “nulled” version of Workflow on a site called Guest Post. Sadly the download links just redirect you back to the Code Canyon site, I would’ve loved to see what code changes were made in a nulled version of a stolen version of my open source project. At least they linked to a neat marketing graphic for it.