Servers... and a new PC

29 May 2013

I’ve started renting a couple servers, one with AlienLayer (I don’t recommend them, terrible service), and DigitalOcean ($4 more than AlienLayer, worth $100s more). I got the one on DigitalOcean to replace the AlienLayer one, I’ll be closing the AlienLayer server in a week or two (before I pay for my second month).

The new server is hosting Cubik Network, and the new CubikCraft Minecraft server (CraftBukkit 1.5.2 RC2). I’ve got the old server running a Freenet node, ‘cause why not, I’ll be killing the thing in a few days anyway.

Also, I just bought some hardware to build a new desktop. This will be my first desktop in the last 7 years… wow. Anyway, it’s got some decent hardware, I’ll be able to max out any game that’s out right now, no problem. Not much RAM or HD space, but I’ll likely be adding much more of those within a few months.

It’s cool to have a blog no one reads.