And back again.

13 September 2018

After a bit of time trying some other ventures, including a few things we definitely intend to get back to at some point because they’re awesome, we’re back on StructHub!

Mike and I are hard at work again building a proper company out of our crazy ideas, and it’s going fairly well this time around. I’m currently building most of our software stack on Laravel, including an instruction editor, a media file manager, and a consumer app. We’re also most likely going to use Flutter to build our iOS and Android apps when the time comes, which is looking increasingly usable lately.

We’re also planning on releasing our first beta really soon. To make that happen, the pace of development needs to increase dramatically, and since I’m the only developer right now, that means I need more time to work on it. To make that happen, I’m cutting down my time at may current day job to only two days a week. That way I can keep a bit of income to cover living expenses, while still having a good portion of a proper work week to dedicate to StructHub.

Check it out!