Alan Hardman

I’m a web developer & designer with several years of freelance and professional experience. I’m interested in all kinds of technology, but my major focus is on developing web & mobile applications. I also have skills in other related fields like database administration and UI design. I’m a strong believer in minimalism, as so many users have trouble understanding and using complex applications. Also it just looks better.

I go by Alanaktion on just about everything, including GitHub, Twitter, Flickr, SoundCloud, and Steam. I’m also on Stack Overflow, Google Play, and several other developer communities under my real name.


This blog is built on Jekyll, hosted by GitHub, and using a minimal custom theme I made when I got bored late at night. I don’t update here very often, but the blog has become a place for me to keep things I use frequently like code cheatsheets, my favorite Sublime Text plugins, and other developer and non-developer things. There are also some recipes from when I was in high school, and a few posts from my old, old, old Blogger blog.

If for some reason you want it, here’s my PGP public key. The CLI I used to host on my main page is at /cli now.