Xusix Updates

6 March 2012

Our social network Xusix has been under development for quite a while now, and we’d like to introduce some of the neat things we’ve added in recent times.

  • Live comments - When you comment on a post, it instantly send the comment out, and anyone viewing the post is shown the new comment.  The text box immediately lets you write another comment, allowing a live, ongoing conversation.
  • Mobile Access - The Xusix layout has recently been redesigned from the ground up, and although it looks exactly the same on a desktop browser, it now optimizes automatically for netbooks, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Direct Notifications - Users can now customize their notification preferences, with support for informing them of activity on their page through both email and text message, direct to all major U.S. carriers.
  • Photo support - Xusix now allows uploading an unlimited number of photos, and each supports a caption and its own live comment stream.  The entire photo gallery system is optimized to fit all screen sizes, from a Mac Cinema Display to an iPod touch.
  • Privacy Configuration - Control what groups can see basic information about you, and mark posts as private to only display them to people you follow.

All of these, and many other features are now available for free on Xusix. Sign up today!

For those interested in the technical side of the site, see xusix.com/current.php to list all of the in-depth statistics on our internal systems.