Local Fitness and Health

31 January 2012

These links are dead now. I may or may not have the code for them somewhere, but so far I haven’t found any of it.

Billings Montana has a new place to go for health and fitness information! Inspired by the Let’s Move! Campaign by Michelle Obama, this new set of web sites helps you find up-to-date facts and resources for child obesity and general health at a local setting. Find local events and activities that you can participate in as well as local fitness centers and stores to provide what you need to get and stay healthy. Nutrition and exercise information is provided as well, and with the new Health Tracker system, you can keep track of your health easily online and on your mobile phone. This new great web service is developed specifically for residents of Billings, Montana, but works great for people anywhere!

Let’s Move Billings developed by Alan Hardman, Michael Siebert, and Tucker Downs.