Cubik Network App Update

I’ve released a new version of the Cubik Network Android application, with several minor fixes and a couple new features.

  • Fixed screen rotation resetting the activity, causing the webpage to reload
  • Enable TLS/SSL by default throughout the application
  • Support for Android 2.2 (Froyo) and higher, tested on my Nexus 5 (which is srsly the best phone evar)

Check it out at

T-Mobile Adventures

Several months ago, I purchased a like-new Galaxy S4 on, a well-known, reasonably safe used mobile device site. The phone works perfectly, and I continued to use it on T-Mobile without any trouble for around 5 months. Then, seemingly for no reason, my connection to T-Mobile disappeared. I tried everything to get it back, from toggling Airplane mode, running a factory reset, and even installing alternate operating systems, but nothing worked. So I went to T-Mobile. I was informed that my phone had been purchased on a contract, and that it had been permanently blacklisted on their network. It had worked perfectly for several months, and I had no way of contacting the original owner, who used fake info when selling it to the person I bought it from, but they said they couldn’t remove it from the blacklist. This would be just fine if they had blacklisted it right when the first or second payment on the contract was missed, but T-Mobile waited until over 6 months after the missed payments began before taking any action, by which time the phone had already been passed on to a new owner, twice. This left me with a perfectly functioning, yet useless, high-end phone. I was able to get the phone unlocked and working on AT&T, but with it never able to work on T-Mobile’s network again, the value had been greatly reduced. I’ve since purchased a new phone, and will never deal with a phone contract or used device again, because it’s just not worth it.

TL;DR: T-Mobile is crap, used phones are too.

Tesla Model S

I realized a couple days ago that with my current expenses, I could easily make payments to get a Tesla Model S… with some of the extras as well. Luckily a few people at work talked me out of it :)

I do plan on buying one eventually though… I’m just going to wait a few years.

Hello world!

I’ve moved my blog over to I like this domain. I like it a lot.

Servers... and a new PC

I’ve started renting a couple servers, one with AlienLayer (I don’t recommend them, terrible service), and DigitalOcean ($4 more than AlienLayer, worth $100s more). I got the one on DigitalOcean to replace the AlienLayer one, I’ll be closing the AlienLayer server in a week or two (before I pay for my second month).

The new server is hosting Cubik Network, and the new CubikCraft Minecraft server (CraftBukkit 1.5.2 RC2). I’ve got the old server running a Freenet node, ‘cause why not, I’ll be killing the thing in a few days anyway.

Also, I just bought some hardware to build a new desktop. This will be my first desktop in the last 7 years… wow. Anyway, it’s got some decent hardware, I’ll be able to max out any game that’s out right now, no problem. Not much RAM or HD space, but I’ll likely be adding much more of those within a few months.

It’s cool to have a blog no one reads.