Over the last several months, I’ve been working with a good friend to start a business. We called that business StructHub.

StructHub was a platform designed to improve the consumer out-of-box experience for physical products, by providing a mobile-friendly digital instruction platform, interactive product manuals, one-click product registrations, and a management system for consumers to keep track of all their products. The consumers we met with during our initial development loved the concept, and often had extra features of their own they wanted to see implemented, and we took note of the more common ones as features to plan into a final release, but we never quite made it that far.

The issue with our platform was that it was the consumers that wanted it, but the manufacturers and retails would have to be the ones paying for it. Even after we’d worked out how to make it very competitively priced, to the point where it could even offer a cost savings over printed materials, manufacturers struggled to find the value in making the switch. Willingness to replace tried and trusted paper with a digital platform was something we found only in a handful of companies.

Most companies willing to use digital instructions and registration are building products that already have a dedicated mobile application, where introducing our platform would’ve only complicated the process for consumers and provided no value. While we could support embedding StructHub features in third-party applications, many of the advantages of having a unified platform for product information would be lost.

So while we had an incredible time working on our platform and meeting with potential customers, StructHub isn’t going to come to life just yet. We’re changing our focus onto new ventures. If for some reason you’re interested in learning more about StructHub, I have an archive of the landing page.